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She chases Gi Tae to describe his words: what did he indicate because of it a goner?.

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She chases Gi Tae to describe his words: what did he indicate because of it a goner?.

The guy wanting to escape, so the guy throws it really harshly.

If he doesn’t get the phone calls, the guy doesn’t want to speak with you; If the guy does not satisfy your, the guy does not want to meet up you.

With that, he gets to his vehicles and begins scuba diving off, but Jang Mi leaves herself while watching auto. Woah. She hops into the forward traveler seat, and starts the lady barrage of issues.

GT: sick number to 3 and you also’d better leave the auto. One.

JM: like it Does it add up that he trying to breakup beside me because of the resorts incident?

GT: No, however it generally does not seem sensible. Two.

JM:Then, could there be an other woman?

GT: Kindly, dont you are sure that that various other females bring greater expectations than your? Three!

JM: Is it which he sick?

GT: (laughs resignedly) He run out because you brought up marriage!

Ha. Really said to be a melancholic second, but i really like that crisis not having itself as well seriously. There humour infused in to the scene, which seems to emphasize the melancholy, but not spoil when.

The guy gets off of the automobile and attempts to take Jang Mi down. Mommy and Aunt simply attained, as well as spy him from their automobile.

Jang Mi nevertheless in assertion as she insists it is best Gi Tae perspective. She requires observe Hoon Dong. Gi Tae only sighs and ares to let the lady down harshly again. He says to the lady that just like she dated Hoon Dong for their funds, the guy dated the lady on her behalf styles and her system. Ow.

Yeo Reum chooses to enter at this moment to provide Gi Tae beverage, which gets shipped to him, regrettably to their face, as Jang Mi splashes they on his face. Many people are in surprise.

The guy upset, however, but their term adjustment as Jang Mi corrects your. She didnt day Hoon Dong of their cash: she outdated your away from enjoy. The guy generally seems to see her in different ways as she simply leaves tearfully. Aunt sounds that she could be the blind time on eatery.

As she walks her bicycle back, she reached by Gi Tae mom (Kim Hae Sook). Mother attracts Jang Mi to her house, apologising on her behalf daughter behavior. However, Jang Mi misunderstands their getting Hoon Dong mother

Hoon Dong upgrading their SNS account once more. (this time around truly another Beginning). Gi Tae strikes him about mind with a file, advising your to clear upwards his very own mess next time. But Gi Tae shaken by the woman honest confession at the moment, and he requires what kind of girl she actually is to Hoon Dong.

Tough fortune of having a significant answer, for Hoon Dong replies that she only a woman to him. Yes, she might seem distinct from the others in the beginning, the good news is she merely a female to your.

Gi Tae tries to mutter that she seemed honest, but Hoon Dong cuts him off by stating that she scary because she sincere. What? Now i simply desire our very own guides with each other. Theyll be lovely.

Meanwhile, a female dressed merely in a purple gown and a set of shades walks in. She turns heads along the way, including Hoon Dong, whom professes that she like Jesus work of art. Gi Tae cynically replies that she their masterpiece. Ha.

Hoon Dong requests an introduction, but Gi Tae feedback causes your is slack-jawed. A cousin? Ex-girlfriend? Itll be peculiar if he functioning on his ex though.

In any event, men state hi to Kang Se Ah (Han sunshine Hwa). She furthermore a chicago plastic surgeon, but she seeing Gi Tae for a breast growth operation. She states that he become pressing this lady away to better men for three years. The guy requires if their him, and she replies that the him, alongside guys too.

And therefore Jang Mi drowns by herself in a cocktail, and before she downs her cocktail, people carefully takes the glass from her palms. Its Hoon Dong? Telling the lady that cover become intoxicated along these lines. She states that the only fun for till you are intoxicated (and this I have to consent). She tipsy right now, and stumbles as she becomes upwards from her chair. He grabs the girl within his weapon, and they’ve got a charged time which ends up using them kissing.

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